It is to participate consistently in extending our generation limits and widening our production capacities with a specific end goal to meet the widespread growing worldwide demand and hold our position at the front of our business.

We seek to become a socially responsible company through our commitment to:

  • People and their fundamental rights.
  • The environmental responsibility.
  • Green innovation and green design.
  • Creating value.
  • Cooperation with stake holders.
  • Excellence in management.
  • Ability to influence and challenge
  • Collaboration sustainable partnerships

We want Deha Tech to become a world-class leader in providing renewable energy through reliable technologies to serve with both commercial and social communities to our culture. Therefore, we aspire to be industrial group specialising in high added-value process management.

To achieving purposes guides our future success;

  • Focus on continual improvement and innovation
  • Performance driven attitude and pursuit of excellence
  • Confidence to influence and challenge
  • To be known as an innovator in workplace safety
  • Promoting a culture of caring and leads the way in the development
  • Cost-competitive innovation and solutions
  • Committed to quality and perfect personal performance
  • Ensure our projects are bid and executed with excellence

Our Vision Is to Sustainably Grow, Delivering Mutually Beneficial  Outcomes for All Stakeholders.

We’re Proud of Our Safety, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence Commitment.


Deha Tech delivers environmentally sensible, technology-driven solutions and services to energy and industrial customers worldwide safely, ethically and as promised. We trust that motivated employees are the way to succeed our goals and we will keep on providing outstanding training and investment in their future.

Being a performance leaeder means we will achieve operational excellence. Industry-leading customer satisfaction, and superior financial performance.

We truly believe in following a long-term commitment to staff development with support through oppurtunities from the top down, success will be measured by our clients preferring us because of their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations of quality and service.


Deha Tech’ s  Core Values act as our behavioural  compass and they guide our actions, advance  our objectives and power our performance  and describe our impact on the world  and outline the path we take to achieve our business objectives.

As a company,  employees and people,  everything we do is based on by our corporate  values.  By living  our values and sound business practices, we consistently achieve high levels of perfor• mance and efficiency  but for our customers,  partners and the communities in which we operate.

Our  core  values:

* Ethics: We are uncompromising  in our integrity,  honesty, and fairness.

* Safety & Health: We keep people  safe from harm, and provide  a healthy work environment. We promote caring, preventive culture where no one gets hurt

* Quality: We are ambitious about impeccability and doing  our work  right the first time.

* People: We reveal each other with  important work full  of purpose,  challenging  development  opportunities, and rewarding careers.

* Culture: We actively  build a various,  inclusive,  and collaborative work environment where all views are welcomed,  openness is encouraged,  and teamwork  are main parts.

* Relationships: We build positive,  long-term  relationships with our customers,  joint- venture partners,  subcontractors, suppliers,  and colleagues that are built on trust,  respect.

* Innovation: We are creative in delivering  value to our fellow associates,  customers,  shareowners,  manufacturers and the community. We listen,  learn, and seek out the best ideas and anticipate  change and capitalize  on the many opportunities that arise.

* Sustainability: We improve the quality  of life in communities where we work  by respecting  local cultures, engaging  local people, and protecting  the environment.

* Integrity:  Our actions are stable with our values and principles, we move by the highest ethical  standards,  and treat people with fairness and respect, we embrace diversity and accept differences.

* Teamwork: We treat all  people  with  dignity,  respect each other’s perspective and resources to achieve excellence, deliver value and grow  individually care for each other both  personally and professionally.

* Accountability: We take responsibility for our performance  in all of our decisions and actions.

* Cooperation:  Collective collaboration across positions and departments is the basis for nice working  atmosphere in which employees feel good  about themselves and what they are doing.

* Leadership: We encourage  leadership  among employees to develop  and maintain talent.